Illustrator, portrait artist, and cartoonist, Mike Snyder will be offering his interpretation of Sicily
as part of the Discerning Palettes/ Degustazione Artistica show in Varese, Italy, from Friday 24 April to Friday 8 May 2009.

The show, which is being held at the Antico Caffè Bosisio, in Via Marcobi in downtown Varese (40 miles from Milan), will be complemented by a choice of fine wines and food from Sicily, selected by chef Graziella Ureche.

The exhbition, which includes paintings as well as illustrations, can be seen during the bar’s opening hours. These are 07.00 to 02.00 daily.

Mike Snyder’s contribution on Sicily closes the exhibition  Discerning Palettes/Degustazione Artistica, which offered six artists the chance to provide their “take” on six of Italy’s 20 regions. All of them accompanied by Graziella Ureche’s choice of wine and food.

Daniela Nasoni and Alberto Frigo, the two curators of the event kicked off. Daniela went first and she rivisited the Piemonte (www.danielanasoni.it) from Friday 13 to Thursday 26 February 2009.

On Friday 27 February, Alberto took over the space with his paintings of flowers, the region in question this time being the Trentino-Alto Adige area of northeastern Italy.

Next up was Monica Maffei (www.monicamaffei.it), who turned her attention to Tuscany between 13 and 26 March.

Bruno Beccaria (www.naturamossa.it) examined Umbria between 27 March and 9 April 2009.

The fifth region of choice was Naples and the Campania and, here, we were able to sample Alessandra Stirpe’s (www.alessandrastirpe.com) painterly impressions. Her images were on show from 10 to 23 April 2009.

Illustrator, portrait artist and cartoonist, Mike Snyder was born in Buffalo, New York and trained at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. A long-term resident in Italy, he has spent much of his career working with the leading advertising agencies in Milan. He recently contributed to the exhibition  Corriere dei Piccoli, omaggio a Silvio Spaventa Filippi, which was curated by Luciana Schiroli. A regular feature at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée ad Ajaccio, in Corsica, Mike Snyder is currently working on a number of publications.

For further information on Degustazione Artistica/Discerning Palettes, see this article by Lara Treppiedi, in Italian, published in ArteVarese: http://www.artevarese.com/av/view/news.php?sys_tab=4001b&sys_docid=3268&sjl=1

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