Paintings, drawings, and illustrations by Mike Snyder, an American artist who has lived near Varese, Italy, for many years, are on show until Sunday 15 June, 2104, at the Public Library (Biblioteca Comunale) of Porto Ceresio, on the Italian shores of Lake Lugano, a 15-minute drive from Lugano.



Ink, watercolours, oils, pencils are Mike’s media of choice. In this year’s exhibition, he is showing a number of paintings, the most powerful of which is probably “Requiem for an Ocean”, which was inspired by one of the all-too frequent oil spills we read about and then forget. Until the next one comes along.

An illustrator by training — he studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York — Mike’s ability to convey a likeness is exemplified in his portraits of rock musicians, which will be the focus of a future show.

His use of colour is another major strength. However bright, his hues invite the viewer to look more closely, and to share the experience.

Indeed, his works benefit from a detailed observation. In the case of the black-and-white images based on Grimm’s fairy tales, the more you concentrate, the more you see. The trees look like, well, trees, except that they also suggest living creatures, the secret life of the forest.

Mike Snyder Artworks 2014 is open to view at the Public Library (Biblioteca Comunale) on Piazza Luraschi, in Porto Ceresio, on the Italian shores of Lake Lugano, a 15-minute drive from Lugano, from 4pm to 8pm,  daily until Friday 13 June 2014, and then from 10am to 12noon, and  4pm to 8pm on Saturday 14 Sunday 15 June. Or by appointment, by writing to

For a brief overview of Mike Snyder’s previous work, see here.

Artworks 2014 di Mike Snyder Artworks 2014 is the sixth of 16 exhibitions that form part of the 10th season of the Porto Ceresio Art Show initiative, organized by the Porto Ceresio Municipal Council.

Visitors to Mike Snyder’s show on Saturday 14 June 2014 can also visit the Museo Etnografico Lopez-Appiani, an intriguing local history museum that is open from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. The museum is open as above until the end of October. After which visits can be arranged by calling +39 02 66711998.

Porto Ceresio is 20 km from Lugano, and 10km from Varese.