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Watch a preview of “Mr Mojo Risin’: a celebration of Jim Morrison in pictures, words, and music”

While we await news of future dates for Mr Mojo Risin’: a celebration of Jim Morrison, in pictures, words, and music, here’s a quick preview:

The show, which premiered at the B612 bar in Penasca, at San Fermo, Varese in September 2011, and has since also been seen at the MiV Café in Varese, is organized by DecimaMusa, a not-for-profit association created by Monica Merlo, Veronika Bögl, Alberto Frigo, and Marco Nappa Nasoni.

Renato Bertossi, the producer of Mr Mojo Risin’, has been active on the live-music scene in the Milan/Varese area for many years, with a special interest in jazz. Upcoming concerts are here: SalvaLaVitaAllaMusicaLive.

As far as the artistes are concerned:

Ivan Carletta, who lends his voice to the songs of Jim Morrison performs regularly in Varese and environs, both as a solo performer and with his trio Killing Me Softly.

Marco Rodio, who recites Jim Morrison’s poems is an actor and theatre director who works with, among others, the Accademia Teatro Franzato.

Alessio Penzo provides keyboards and Hammond organ accompaniment to the show Mr Mojo Risin’. A multi-faceted musician whose work spans many genres, with a particular interest in jazz, Alessio Penzo is considered one of Italy’s premier improvisational musicians.

Mike Snyder, painter, illustrator, portrait artist, and cartoonist, created the images that form a moving backdrop to Mr Mojo Risin’: a celebration of Jim Morrison in pictures, words, and music, exhjbits his work in the area of Varese and Milan, with plans afoot for shows in the Ticino area of Switzerland.


Friday 8 January, ArsTratto(Ria), Mike Snyder presents his work at i Dü Matt, Via del Chiostro 65, Gavirate (Varese), Italy

Mike Snyder, the artist, and Alberto Frigo, the organizer, debate.

The occasion: the first of series of dinners dubbed
ArsTratto(ria). Art in a trattoria, if you like, with a
reference to Ovid, of course.

Seventeen people were scheduled to arrive at 20.00 to see
the works — three paintings as well as eight b&w illustrations for a
biography of Jim Morrison in graphic novel form, due for
publication in early 2011.

The place: the Trattoria i Dü Matt, in Via del Chiostro, Gavirate,
in the province of Varese. I dü matt? The two crazies? who you calling crazy?

Anyway, which two?

Let’s stop being crazy all of us, and get back inside.
It’s pouring with rain and freezing cold.
January in Italy is like that.

We have a special menu tonight: risotto,
followed by polenta and braised veal, red wine,
water and coffee, all for 15 euros.

The normal offering is equally appealing: the
weekday lunchtime menu is just 10 euros for pasta,
main course, as well as water, wine and
coffee. Make a note, must come back.

Lovely golden-yellow decor by Alberto, whose
paintings are out the door.
Mike’s are in the dining room, ready to be hung.

That’s chef Aimone on the left, admiring
one of the artworks. Mike goes to unwrap
some more, while Monica looks on.

The mise en place, with the logo Alberto designed

Ceiling-height sgraffito illustrations, designed and executed
by Alberto, who’s now checking in with chef Aimone in the kitchen.

Two of the artworks: a small painting that
forms part of a larger work, and a vibrant
illustration used originally for a press ad

Alberto and Monica discuss the impending hanging

Mike hanging the Croc illustration

Film poster executed for a UCLA film studies undergraduate

The artist observes his work

The photographer snaps pictures,
Jim Morrison in the background.

Getting ready to eat, with the Jim Morrison illustrations behind

After the risotto, the polenta and spezzatino.

Re-arranging the works for the weekend, the paintings stayed,
the Jim Morrison illustrations didn’t

A matter of some debate

Agreement reached

The end of the evening. Time to say goodnight and Alla prossima!